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Watch your transactions confirm in real-time in the Cardano Mempool.

Are you concerned about delays? Compare your transaction time to the average.

Do you feel like you're being overlooked or unfairly treated?

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Explore the full Cardano ecosystem with The Mempool. See the real-time status of your transactions, browse network stats, and more.

Cardano Mempool Explorer

Current Epoch

Total Transactions

Average Confirmation Time

Total Blocks

Avg. Transaction Per Block

Average Transaction Wait Time

Last 7 days

This Epoch

How long, on average, in the last seven days did a transaction take to be confirmed on the Cardano blockchain?

The line chart visually shows the average daily transaction wait time in the last seven days.

Mempool Size

Last 10 minutes

Average Size

This displays the real-time size of the Mempool for this explorer node, as measured over the last 10 minutes.

Pool Distribution Graph

From Last 5 Epoch

Based on the data from the last five epochs (almost 25 days)

Great Pools

Suboptimal Pools

Average Transaction Waiting Time Distribution

Last 5 Epochs

This bar graph displays the number of stake pools over the past five epochs, categorized by their average transaction wait times.

Top 10 Stake Pools

The table below ranks pools based on the highest collective wait times of transactions they processed, which were pending in the Mempool awaiting confirmation on the chain.

RankTicker NameNamePool HashTotal Wait TimeAvg. Wait TimeURLTransaction Count